Spirituality is a brain state we can all reach, religious or not | Psyche Ideas

We can also train our brains to behave in a more ‘aware’ way by engaging in activities that facilitate greater connection or neural synchronisation. Higher synchronisation – imagine a large group of brain cells singing together – has been found following the practice of different contemplative paradigms, such as meditation and prayer (creating, as it were, slower ocean waves, now growing calmer and calmer). One way of interpreting this is that neuronal synchronisation enhances our brain ‘harmony’ or ‘integrity’ – achieving a state in which the brain works in a more congruent way, adopting a more global perspective. Other findings point to the psychological consequences of this state – greater neuronal synchronisation tends to enable a greater ability to make moral judgments and problem-solve creatively.
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Why You Should Journal Before Meditating | Age of Awareness

You mop the floor after tidying up and clearing out the house. That way, you don’t get caught up in moving and navigating or trying to avoid objects that are in the way, but you can focus on seeing the ground underneath, and thus find the space to realise why things get so messy in the first place.

In the same way, you unload your mind of anything you need to do or remember, any general worries or thoughts, any shopping lists or birthday plans or business ideas, before you meditate. That way, you’re not spending the time trying to work that discussion out, holding onto that story to tell your sister, or trying to avoid your busy mind, but are instead getting on with actually meditating.
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