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Speed reading is the art of silencing subvocalization. Most readers have an average reading speed of 200 wpm, which is about as fast as they can read a passage out loud. This is no coincidence. It is their inner voice that paces through the text that keeps them from achieving higher reading speeds. They can only read as fast as they can speak because that’s the way they were taught to read, through reading systems like Hooked on Phonics.

However, it is entirely possible to read at a much greater speed, with much better reading comprehension, through silencing this inner voice. The solution is simple – absorb reading material faster than that inner voice can keep up.

In the real world, this is achieved through methods like reading passages using a finger to point your way. You read through a page of text by following your finger line by line at a speed faster than you can normally read. This works because the eye is very good at tracking movement. Even if at this point full reading comprehension is lost, it’s exactly this method of training that will allow you to read faster.

Inbox Zero + Boomerang

I have been a big fan of Inbox Zero for years now. I just came across this post on how to take it even further. Using the boomerang tool, it looks like I can finally get rid of those pesky “to-do” type emails. Even if it only for a few hours or weeks. Going to give this a shot now.

How To Keep Your Email Inbox Empty.

Update #1 – The Boomerang support team is great. I had a small error on install, and they were able to email me a fix same day.

Can Seinfeld Make Me Productive?

Wow, I am going to give this a shot.

How Seinfelds Productivity Secret Fixed My Procrastination Problem.

The idea of spending a few minutes per day towards your long term goals seems so much more natural than my tendency to rush it all at the last minute. It seems so simple, but I can see how the mental trick can be used to motivate yourself. This falls in line with the article on willpower that I read a few weeks back. And we all know practice and failure is the only real way to learn. What better way to practice than to do something every single day.

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