My Favorite 80’s Horror Movie Bad Guy

I forgot this name for the past 15 years.   I always tried, but was never able to remember or find a trace of the movies or the monster on the Internet.    Today,  I stumble across a bad thumbnail in a totally unrelated image search and viola.   —>  ORVILLE KETCHUM

I don’t know why, but the vivid imagery of  cheesy horror movies with Orville as the bad guy are stuck in my brain.

And who knew dude was working.

Classic Movie Review – The Andromeda Strain

I read this book a few years back and decieded to check out the film adaptation.   Suprisingly, the film version is very close to the novel and is quite fun to watch.   This movie would never be made today and would not be able to hold the typical movie goer audience.   It is way to smart,  there is nothing like watching scientists solve thier problems on the big screen.

I definitely recommend checking it out just for the good old school computer footage.

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