The Black Iris is a trippy, mind-bending horror game that really got under my skin | PC Gamer

Somewhere in rural Scotland in the 1980s, a secret research facility is overwhelmed by a cosmic, unknowable horror called the Black Iris. Some of the scientists begin worshipping this powerful entity, and establish a bizarre religion around it, leading to the facility being mysteriously abandoned. This is the brilliantly spooky premise of The Black Iris, a mind-bending horror game from solo indie developer Jamie Ferguson.The first thing that hits you is that fever dream art style. The vivid fluorescent colours, woozy, abstract low-resolution visuals, and feeling of isolation and claustrophobia collide to create something uniquely unsettling. As you explore the eerily lifeless facility you find clues that paint a twisted picture of the the nature of the Black Iris and the fate of the scientists.
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My Favorite 80’s Horror Movie Bad Guy

I forgot this name for the past 15 years.   I always tried, but was never able to remember or find a trace of the movies or the monster on the Internet.    Today,  I stumble across a bad thumbnail in a totally unrelated image search and viola.   —>  ORVILLE KETCHUM

I don’t know why, but the vivid imagery of  cheesy horror movies with Orville as the bad guy are stuck in my brain.

And who knew dude was working.

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