Caffeine Causes Widespread “Brain Entropy” — and That’s Actually a Good Thing

It’s just common sense: the most orderly minds are the most brilliant ones. How else could a scientist memorize a complete taxonomy of the various types of quarks or weasels or planetary bodies? Their brains must be highly organized machines, with every piece of data carefully filed away and every method perfected exactly. Right? Wrong.

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AI Is About to Drastically Change

Medlock continued, “I also spend quite a bit of time thinking about the philosophical implications of development in AI, and intelligence is something that is very, very much a human asset.” This led him to deviate from a brain-focused model and explore, allowing him to see the cell as a worthwhile comparison. “I think the place to start, actually, is with the eukaryotic cell,” he said. When a lot of people hear artificial intelligence they hear “artificial brain,” but he thinks that instead, we can view the entire human body as an “incredible machine.”

Source: AI Is About to Drastically Change

Can’t Stop The Rush? Why Hurry Worry Is Plaguing Team Productivity

A recently discovered type of brain cells called mirror neurons have been found to fire when a person observes a behavior in a similar way to when the brain is experiencing the action itself. Mirror neurons explain, for example, the sensation of cringing when watching a video of another person getting hurt. Human neuroimaging studies have shown a similar brain pattern when we feel pain and when we observe someone else experiencing that same pain. This is an important reaction for demonstrating empathy, but

Source: Can’t Stop The Rush? Why Hurry Worry Is Plaguing Team Productivity

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