Sword of Truth – Conclusion

Just finished reading confessor.   A great ending to a great series.   While looking online for some quotes from the book, I came across the site for the TV show that will be starting this fall.    There is a trailer and it looks fairly decent for a WB type show.  http://www.legendoftheseeker.com/

The quote I was looking for.  The unwritten rule.

Rule Unwritten, The rule from the beginning of time “To exist in this vast universe for a speck of time is the great gift of life. Our tiny sliver of time is our gift in life. It is our only life. The universe will go on, indifferent to our brief existence, but while we are here we touch not just part of that vastness, but also the lives around us. Life is the gift each of us has been given. Each life is our own and no one else’s. It is precious beyond all counting. It is the greatest value we can have. Cherish it for what it truly is. Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.”

And now so I can always remember the beauty of life…the wizards rules….

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Being Frugal Leads to Reading?!?! Personal Book Challenge

Was reading a post about being your own butcher on the consumerist (way better than Freeganism)  and stumbled across this article about being thrifty in the post apocalyptic US.

Few minutes later in the lunchroom saw the “No Country For Old Men” DVD and realized it was the same author.   Cool,  did a search and see that Oprah liked it so much that Hollywood decided to make a movie of it for her.

My personal challenge.   To read this book before the movie comes out. (Nov 2008)

Anyone care to join my challenge?  I just need to finnish up the 3 halfreads I have open ATM.


Scifi Book Club – The Sword and Laser

I heard about The Sword and Laser book club on the TWiT podcast and thought it would be cool to join up. The next book in the list is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I am hoping to get through my current read in time. If you haven’t read Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained, I highly recommend them.



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