The Mental Benefits of Being Terrible at Something | Outside Online

Beginners: The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning. Vanderbilt makes a compelling case that learning something new has myriad advantages, including promoting the brain’s ability to rewire itself, connecting you to new people and new communities, and reengaging our innate curiosity and open-mindedness. While all of these offer tremendous benefits, that last one may be the most important.
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This New Space Colonization Novel Will Mess With Your Head In The Best Possible Way

Planetfall by Emma Newman isn’t what you’re expecting from a book about humans colonizing another planet. It’s much weirder, and in the end, a fair bit darker. This is a story about human failings—and the fact that we expect to understand alien beings, when we can’t even understand each other.

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Book Review – Blindsight – Peter Watts

BlindsightBlindsight by Peter Watts
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Smart, technical, mind blowing. I've always been a fan of first contact stories(Contact, Mote in God's Eye). This one has a much different approach and quite a unique spin. It starts out a bit tough to read, but this is hard SciFi after all. I was afraid at first due to the jacket mentioning a vampire, but its is a realistic thought on the evolution of humans, not just a play for the Twilight generation. Even if you don't like the scifi aspects, its worth a read for the quotes and the appendix where Watts breaks down the back story to some of the science used in the book.

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