Dump Archeology – Dig It: Exploring the archaeology of us

I read a story years ago where you could purchase a compressed cubic yard of trash from the 1970’s. The time right before recycling and oversight. Our future looks to be similar in the digital era.

“They excavated deep test holes into garbage dumps, just as one might excavate test units into any archaeological site

The archaeological investigation of garbage dumps allowed for the quantification of what kinds of trash predominate in landfills.

Survey data showed that Americans commonly believed garbage dumps to be dominated by fast food refuse, Styrofoam packaging, and disposable diapers.

Instead, the garbologists found these items constitute a small fraction of the total volume of refuse in landfills — typically less than five per cent.”

Read more: https://www.kamloopsthisweek.com/community/dig-it-exploring-the-archaeology-of-us-1.24196068

Classic Movie Review – The Andromeda Strain

I read this book a few years back and decieded to check out the film adaptation.   Suprisingly, the film version is very close to the novel and is quite fun to watch.   This movie would never be made today and would not be able to hold the typical movie goer audience.   It is way to smart,  there is nothing like watching scientists solve thier problems on the big screen.

I definitely recommend checking it out just for the good old school computer footage.


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