Project – Spy Team 12

The game I created for my kids this Christmas is complete. It was a huge success and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them open, explore and play the game. Thanks to all who submitted art work and helped make this project a huge success.

The details are below.




So I decided to make a Superhero card game for my kids.   I am hoping to get this done in time for Christmas so I thought I would get an early start.   Since I am working with a lot of remote professionals, I thought I would keep the details all in one place online.

First off – The Game is “Spy Team 12”

The original posting to find artists on Odesk and Elance is here:  Original Posting

The Rules to the game are here:  Game Rules  (They still need to be play tested)

The Characters for the game are here: Game Characters  (Still need lots of bad guys)

The templates for your drawings are below:


Here are some of the family submissions so far.
[nggallery id=8]

As art comes in, I will be adding it to this gallery.

[nggallery id=7]


The artists working on the project who need some photos to start from can look in the Gallery below.

Here are some quick pics of Mathilda (Sprinkles9),  Casper (Mauna Loa4 – Blonde with Glasses), Gus (Jupiter2 – The shorter guy), and Philomena (the baby).




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