White noise improves learning by modulating activity in dopaminergic midbrain regions and right superior temporal sulcus – PubMed

In neural systems, information processing can be facilitated by adding an optimal level of white noise. Although this phenomenon, the so-called stochastic resonance, has traditionally been linked with perception, recent evidence indicates that white noise may also exert positive effects on cognitive …
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Russian Government Sites Facing ‘Unprecedented’ Cyberattacks from Thousands in Pro-Ukranian ‘IT Army’ – Slashdot

Volunteers are gathering information on attacks and casualties to fact check and challenge Russia’s version of events, posting messages on Telegram and other Russian social media platforms [according to Liuba Tsbulska, a Ukrainian analyst and activist who has tracked Russian disinformation for eight year]. Others work to educate international audiences or produce patriotic content. Some also target Russian military and intelligence officers, flooding their emails and other platforms with messages. Volunteers are reaching out to the mothers of Russian soldiers to convince them to call for Russian President Vladimir Putin to bring their boys back home.
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Anthony Levandowski’s latest moonshot is a peer-to-peer telecom network powered by cryptocurrency | TechCrunch

A new mobile data network — accompanied by the quinfecta of a website, Medium post, white paper, dedicated subreddit and Discord channel —  quietly launched late Tuesday evening in San Francisco, promising a new way to exchange data anonymously and at high speeds without relying on legacy carriers, and at a cheaper price. The peer-to-peer […]
— Read on techcrunch.com/2022/02/02/anthony-levandowskis-latest-moonshot-is-a-peer-to-peer-telecom-network-powered-by-cryptocurrency/

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