“I Wanted to Be on Fire.” On the Connection Between Art and Self-Destruction ‹ Literary Hub

But is there a Faustian choice? Good art and a kind of fragility do often go hand-in-hand—but then, so do bad art and fragility, and indeed no art and fragility. It might be only confirmation bias that makes us notice the people who suffer for their creativity—or maybe the fact that they do (let’s admit it) make a better story.
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Researchers Establish the First Entanglement-Based Quantum Network – SciTechDaily

In the lab, the researchers will focus on adding more quantum bits to their three-node network and on adding higher level software and hardware layers. Pompili: “Once all the high-level control and interface layers for running the network have been developed, anybody will be able to write and run a network application without needing to understand how lasers and cryostats work. That is the end goal.”
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Acid test: scientists show how LSD opens doors of perception | Science | The Guardian

“Normally, our thoughts and incoming information are filtered by our prior experience,” said Parker Singleton, a PhD candidate at Cornell University in New York. “But if you take that filtering and suppression away, you are looking at the world with new eyes. You get a totally new perspective.”

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Gundlach: If we go to another level of free money, I think the wealth inequality will get worse

The investor cited the Women’s March on Versailles in October 1789 during the French Revolution that began in the market over the high price and shortage of bread that culminated in women besieging the palace. 

“[They] did it in the pouring rain, and many of them, I suspect, didn’t even have any shoes. So why did it come to that? Well, the money printing and the giving away, ended up making the middle class poor, and the prior poor class starving to death. And at the other end, the people who were controlling the levers of the money printing became more wealthy,” Gundlach said. 
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Your Brain Is a Supercomputer. Here’s How to Reboot It, According to World-Renowned Brain Coach Jim Kwik.

The metaphor: A little boy watches a caterpillar build its cocoon. He waits and waits for it to emerge transformed, but eventually he gets impatient and cuts the cocoon open himself to see the butterfly. Instead, he’s horrified to find a swollen, mangled bug. He runs to his mother, who explains, “What happens in the cocoon isn’t pretty, but it is also necessary, and it cannot be interrupted.”

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A new era of spaceflight? Promising advances in rocket propulsion

Solar sails

While propulsion usually requires propellant of some description, a more “green” method relying only on light from the Sun itself.

Sails rely on the physical property of conservation of momentum. On Earth, we are used to seeing this momentum as a dynamic pressure from air particles blowing into a sheet when sailing, propelling a vessel forwards. Light is comprised of photons, which have no mass, but they do have momentum and can transfer it to a sail. As the energies of individual photons are very small, an extremely large sail size is needed for any appreciable acceleration.

— Read on phys.org/news/2021-05-era-spaceflight-advances-rocket-propulsion.amp

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