Anthony Levandowski’s latest moonshot is a peer-to-peer telecom network powered by cryptocurrency | TechCrunch

A new mobile data network — accompanied by the quinfecta of a website, Medium post, white paper, dedicated subreddit and Discord channel —  quietly launched late Tuesday evening in San Francisco, promising a new way to exchange data anonymously and at high speeds without relying on legacy carriers, and at a cheaper price. The peer-to-peer […]
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Researchers Teach Human Brain Cells in a Dish to Play “Pong”

Scientists have successfully taught a collection of human brain cells in a petri dish how to play the video game “Pong” — kind of. 


Researchers at the biotechnology startup Cortical Labs have created “mini-brains“ consisting of 800,000 to one million living human brain cells in a petri dish, New Scientist reports. The cells are placed on top of a microelectrode array that analyzes the neural activity. 
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This 8-bit processor built in Minecraft can run its own games | PCWorld

The months-long project demonstrates the physics behind the CPUs we take for granted

“Computer chips have become so tiny and complex that it’s sometimes hard to remember that there are real physical principles behind them. They aren’t just a bunch of ever-increasing numbers. For a practical (well, virtual) example, check out the latest version of a computer processor built exclusively inside the Minecraft game engine

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