10 Times A Video Game Broke The Fourth Wall | CBR

It’s a serious tragedy for survival horror fans that the Gamecube’s exceptional game, Eternal Darkness, never received a sequel or some form of modern remaster. One of the most groundbreaking concepts in Eternal Darkness is the use of sanity effects, which warp the player’s perception of in-game effects. These sanity effects go to some extreme lengths, including making the player think that their volume is increased, their video output has disconnected, or even that all of their save game data is about to be erased. It’s an excellent way to add stress to the player’s tense experience.

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The Black Iris is a trippy, mind-bending horror game that really got under my skin | PC Gamer

Somewhere in rural Scotland in the 1980s, a secret research facility is overwhelmed by a cosmic, unknowable horror called the Black Iris. Some of the scientists begin worshipping this powerful entity, and establish a bizarre religion around it, leading to the facility being mysteriously abandoned. This is the brilliantly spooky premise of The Black Iris, a mind-bending horror game from solo indie developer Jamie Ferguson.The first thing that hits you is that fever dream art style. The vivid fluorescent colours, woozy, abstract low-resolution visuals, and feeling of isolation and claustrophobia collide to create something uniquely unsettling. As you explore the eerily lifeless facility you find clues that paint a twisted picture of the the nature of the Black Iris and the fate of the scientists.
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