The Shot1 Video Explosion

Shot1 Music Videos

Robotic Hands of God – Signification

Triangle & Rhino – Skeletonized

Triangle and Rhino – Barking Up a Dead Horse

Triangle and Rhino – Gay Icon

New Yinzer Videos

I was asked to put a few backdrop videos together to play behind the bands for the New Yinzer Concerts.   Here is the resulting insanity…. Enjoy (or not)

New Yinzer Monster Mash – Halloween 2011

Vid 1 – Troy Hill Soulja

Vid2 – T&R Furry Dance Party

Vid3 – Weapons of Gas Combustion

Vid4 – The Eye Spank

Check’em out and let me know what you think in the comments.



Classic Movie Review – The Andromeda Strain

I read this book a few years back and decieded to check out the film adaptation.   Suprisingly, the film version is very close to the novel and is quite fun to watch.   This movie would never be made today and would not be able to hold the typical movie goer audience.   It is way to smart,  there is nothing like watching scientists solve thier problems on the big screen.

I definitely recommend checking it out just for the good old school computer footage.

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