When Pythagoras was doing his experimentations on sound, he found that a string actually vibrated in many different pitches, though one was dominant. This he verified by putting strings of shorter (but mathematically specific) lengths nearby and observed sympathetic resonance.

The results were the overtone series, and it is where all the major-sounding scales and modes come from.
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It’s the screams of the damned!’ The eerie AI world of deepfake music

Deepfake music is set to have wide-ranging ramifications for the music industry as more companies apply algorithms to music. Google’s Magenta Project – billed as “exploring machine learning as a tool in the creative process” – has developed several open source APIs that allow composition using entirely new, machine-generated sounds, or human-AI co-creations. Numerous startups, such as Amper Music, produce custom, AI-generated music for media content, complete with global copyright. Even Spotify is dabbling; its AI research group is led by François Pachet, former head of Sony Music’s computer science lab.

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