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The group’s forthcoming debut LP, ‘Hope and Defiance’ will be out via New Age Records.
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“Hatred and lies only divide the people, and righteous anger only leads us to evil.
 Everyone’s yelling but no one stops to listen, too distracted by ‘bread and circus’ to spare any attention.
So let’s open our ears and open our hearts, reserve our hatred for those who would tear us apart.”

“Deep Fried Frenz” MF Doom – Lyrics

“Deep Fried Frenz”

Before we go any further

As you call ’em, they call you when they need something
Trees for the blunt, the g’s for the front
I found a way to get peace of mind for years
And left the hell alone: Turn a deaf ear to the cellular phone
Send me a letter, or better, we could see each other in real life
Just so you could feel me like a steel knife
At least so you could see the white of they eyes
Bright with surprise, once they finish spitting lies

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