As The Audience Evaporates, We Reach For Occam’s Razor – Deadline

As the reasons pile up, you begin to wonder if it’s not time to reach for Occam’s Razor, a philosophical rule that says, more or less, that the simplest of competing theories should be preferred to the more complex.

So here’s a simple theory:

Maybe, as a group, we are suffering from “screen fatigue”—not in the narrow sense of migraines, eye strain, and Computer Vision Syndrome, but in a much bigger way, as a culture. We are tired of Zoom calls. We are tired of event television. We are really tired of looking at ourselves on media screens, large and small.

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The Paris Review – Everything Writes Itself: An Interview with Black Thought – The Paris Review

“I got to see how gangstas played at such an early age. What my father was into sent him to his early grave. Then mom started chasing that base like Willie Mays … Trouble was my ball and chain.” And then, after a pregnant pause—“Black Thought is what that all became.”

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