As The Audience Evaporates, We Reach For Occam’s Razor – Deadline

As the reasons pile up, you begin to wonder if it’s not time to reach for Occam’s Razor, a philosophical rule that says, more or less, that the simplest of competing theories should be preferred to the more complex.

So here’s a simple theory:

Maybe, as a group, we are suffering from “screen fatigue”—not in the narrow sense of migraines, eye strain, and Computer Vision Syndrome, but in a much bigger way, as a culture. We are tired of Zoom calls. We are tired of event television. We are really tired of looking at ourselves on media screens, large and small.

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Danny Boyle’s Sunshine is a blindingly human space odyssey

The film is set almost entirely aboard Icarus, a spacecraft bound for the sun. The crew has been tasked with restarting the dying celestial body by launching a giant bomb into it—“creating a star within a star.” Their mission unfolds as a daisy chain of breathless cliffhangers. Just about all of them are the products of human error; the decision to drift off course and rendezvous with the first ship sent to accomplish their task creates a domino effect of miscalculations, moral dilemmas, daunting obstacles, and impossible decisions.
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