Flatliners – Movie of the Week – Shot1 Discussion Club

It is hard to believe that the movie Flatliners came out almost 25 Years ago.  This movie messed with my head so much when I was 13.   I wonder if Flatliners can stand the test of time.  Special effects have come a long way since this was released,  it will be interesting to revisit what I once thought was mind blowing special effects.    Hopefully the movie stands up well enough that Hollywood doesn’t feel the need for a cheesy sequel or even worse, a dreaded reboot!

Dust off your VCR’s or fire up your Netflix, Flatliners is this weeks Shot1 Discussion Club movie of the week.   Let’s see if this start studded cast can f’ with my head 24 years later. 

For those of you without a VCR, or Netflix.   There is a questionable link below to an online streaming version of the movie.   Enjoy at your own risk.   

Link – http://www.movie4k.to/Flatliners-watch-movie-2870101.html

If you don’t know the movie or want a refresher, the trailer is below.

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