Shot1 Discussion Club – Extreme Body Modification

Fringe Friday presents “Taboo: Extreme Bodies”.    Beth and I will be watching the YouTube video below and hosting an online discussion for those interested in joining us.  Think book club without the book or scheduling. 

This is an open invitation so please share as you wish.  

Tats, piercings and bagel heads, oh my!

From the YouTube Description:

For some people, improving one’s appearance can lead to extreme body modification. Meet the “Vampire Woman” – she’s a lawyer, a mother, and the world’s most modified female, with 96% tattoo coverage, several sets of horns, arm implants, and 25 piercings. Meanwhile, artist Keroppy is leading the way in the trendy body modification industry. His newest exhibition features “bagelheads,” people with what looks like a small bagel protruding from their foreheads.”

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