Howto use runas to offer Remote Assitance

Remote assistance in Windows XP works great but typically you have to have admin privileges to run it. If you are like me and dont want to run your desktop as an admin, you can use this quick technique to launch “Windows Help and Support” as a domain admin.

1) Create a new batch file

Start Menu, Run…, “notepad c:adminhelp.bat”

2) Enter the following command in the batch file replacing the username and domain name as needed.

runas /user:administrator@somedomain “c:WINDOWSpchealthhelpctrbinarieshelpctr.exe”

3) Double click the batch and type the admin password and the Windows Help and Service Center will Launch

4) Click on “Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems”

5)  Click”Offer Remote Assistance”

6) On the next screen, enter the IP or Hostname to connect to the workstation you need.

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