Howto install Open-AudIT on Ubuntu Server LTS

Open-AudIT is tool for scanning and compiling an inventory of a network environment.  So far I have used it to get a complete picture of all of the hardware and software on the LAN.   I have been very impressed with the features that just work out of the box.   The one link to Dells service tag check works great.

Here is a quick list of steps that I used to install.

1) Download the newest version from here – Open-AudIT: Introducing Open-AudIT

2) Install the following with apt;

sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-server php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 php5-ldap

3) Edit the php.ini to enable Mysql and LDAP

vi /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini


4) Setup the web site


cd /var/www/

unzip ~/Downloads/


5) Fire up the web browser to the IP/Site to test and Open-Audit will walk through setting up the MySQL database.

Once everything is configured Go to the Forums to get info on how to run your first audits.  I found this thread to be a great starting place.

UPDATE:   From the comments below.

Once you unzip the folder in your working webserver, you can access the openaudit site with the ip address in the url. If you open it to the setup page, it will walk your through configuring the Database connection.


After that, look at


To get some auditing scripts that you can use to populate the database. I audit a windows domain with open audit. I used this link to configure Domain Auditing.


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