The game I created for my kids this Christmas is complete. It was a huge success and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them open, explore and play the game. Thanks to all who submitted art work and helped make this project a huge success.

The details are below.




So I decided to make a Superhero card game for my kids.   I am hoping to get this done in time for Christmas so I thought I would get an early start.   Since I am working with a lot of remote professionals, I thought I would keep the details all in one place online.

First off – The Game is “Spy Team 12″

The original posting to find artists on Odesk and Elance is here:  Original Posting

The Rules to the game are here:  Game Rules  (They still need to be play tested)

The Characters for the game are here: Game Characters  (Still need lots of bad guys)

The templates for your drawings are below:



Here are some of the family submissions so far.

As art comes in, I will be adding it to this gallery.


The artists working on the project who need some photos to start from can look in the Gallery below.

Here are some quick pics of Mathilda (Sprinkles9),  Casper (Mauna Loa4 – Blonde with Glasses), Gus (Jupiter2 – The shorter guy), and Philomena (the baby).





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